The Lighthouse  : Exhibition (2013)


Inspiration: Presenting evaluating Previous work, initial thoughts/ideas from children, playful interactive exhibition elements, identifying key focus areas
Space: The Lighthouse centre for design and architecture
Materials: film, images, text, straws, handmade connectors, modular origami
Duration: one-month drop-in exhibition

 To launch our Pavilion research project we were invited by Architecture and Design Scotland to create an exhibition for The Lighthouse, Glasgow’s centre for architecture and design.

 The focus of the exhibition was to reflect on our work to date and to look at key focus areas for our research. The exhibition contained a number of elements: Images of previous work, text, film, and an interactive installation.

We created a film with children for the exhibition using a passage from the poem Gareth and Lynette by Alfred Tennyson as the starting point, to inspire ideas about what a ‘pavilion for children’ could be.

Visitors to the exhibition could interact with the peg-board and create their own translucent structures with straws and connectors. They could also leave ideas cards with drawings pegged to the board.



‘Then to the shore of one of those long loops

Wherethrough the serpent river coiled, they came,

Rough-thicketed were the banks and steep; the stream

Full, narrow; this a bridge of a single arc

Took at a leap; and on the further side

Arose a ........................ Pavilion’

Excerpt from Gareth and Lynette, by Lord Alfred Tennyson