Outskirts Festival: Platform (2013)


Inspiration: Movement and dance, unifying human movement with sculptural form
Space: entrance area of Platform Arts Centre
Materials/tools: Life size foldable modules (twinplast and pipe cleaner hinges)
Length of time: Dancers onsite for two days, organised children’s groups: an hour long session, passers by and festival goers unlimited drop-in


We were invited to take part in Outskirts Festival by Platform. We chose to invite dancers Lucy Boyes and Robbie Synge to develop a movement piece using life-size folding modules. We were interested in using movement to respond to the structural behavior of the folding modules, changing from the viewers initial encounter with the installation as being in a static state.

The children loved watching the dancers and it really changed the material qualities of the pavilion. The dancers and the structures became one and it injected a great energy into the folding structures.



Did anything happen that you didn’t expect?
Lucy Boyes (dancer): The endless possibilities for shape and space! The way in which the structure could manipulate us just as much as we could manipulate it.

 Robbie Synge (dancer): Lots of very useful unexpected things happened with regard to our performer-audience-participation relationship.The energy of the young people, their varying curiosity, reluctance/confidence, engagement. Many questions were raised for us all as to how the space is set up (do we?), whether rules or codes need formulating, duration, performer-audience boundaries, numbers of participants, use of voice, etc.


Ross, one of the children:
What did you like best about the performance? You can play with it.
What would make it better? More colour on them.
Did anything surprise you? Yes, how they joined them.