Trongate 103: Pop-up Pavilion, Inspiration Festival (2011)



Inspiration: pop-up pavilion, architecture, design, inspiring structures, interesting uses of materials and work by other children
Space: Atrium  of Trongate 103, St Francis Primary school and Bridgeton Family Learning Centre
Materials/tools: corrugated card, foamboard, tools, piping, stretch fabric, scrap-store materials, sand, paint, printing materials.
Length of time: 2 x half day sessions at both school and nursery, 2x family drop-in days, 1 x half day at venue with both school and nursery







Pop-up Pavilion was a three-phase project we did as part of Inspiration Festival 2011. We visited St Francis School and Bridgeton Family Learning Centre, inviting the primary children to become architects and the nursery children painters, decorators and interior designers. Over two days the St Francis children produced architectural maquettes, and the Bridgeton children made wallpaper and worked in 3-D. 

For Trongate 103 we scaled up their ideas to life-size to create a pop-up pavilion, hosting family drop-ins alongside visits from both the school and nursery. Many of the families from the Merchant City Festival returned to join in and we held a small opening on the last day, after the decorators had finished their work.