Olympia Project: Sacred Heart Primary School (2012)




Inspiration: Olympia theatre, Bridgeton, local architecture and history, pavilions, modular building, contemporary art and architecture projects
Space: Sacred heart Primary, Bridgeton area and Broad Street Stalled Space (vacant site)
Materials: Newspaper, magazines, scrap paper, cardboard, tools, tubes, connectors, camera, cable ties, tape, LEDs, torches, lighting gels
Length of time: 3 days with selected primary class



The focus of the project was the history and redevelopment of the Olympia and the wider history of Bridgeton, in particular its importance as an area of industrial and engineering production and progression.

We used this rich background as a way to re-imagine buildings and spaces in the area and focused on an empty site in Broad street near to the old David Dale college and Mavor and Coulson LTD - an old engineering works built in red and yellow brick.

The children worked for three days with drawing exercises focusing on personally significant features in their area, introductions to a range of contemporary art and architecture projects form both Scotland and World wide. Out and about in the local area they photographed interesting architectural features in the area and were introduced to the Olympia redevelopment project by Clyde Gateway. They developed collages of imaginary buildings and Pavilions for the Broad Street site, looking at the work of artist Tony Swain and developed these into models using modular building techniques. They used photography and lighting to examine and critique their models and in the final stage of the project they scaled up to life size using modular building in cardboard, plastic piping and connectors.


          Day One

  •        Introduction to the project and the Olympia theatre.
  •      Visual introduction to the Broadstreet Stalled Space site and a range of contemporary          building and pavilion projects, looking at form and function, colour and materials.
  •        Drawing exercises sketching local landmarks personally significant to them. Collages:            introduction to artist Tony swain, production of collages of imaginary buildings and cities

Day Two

  •        Out and about taking photographs in Bridgeton
  •        Presentation form Clyde gateway on Olympia redevelopment
  •        Back at school presentation of collages montaged on Broad Street site
  •        Model making form research trip and collage ideas using modular technique

Day three

  •          Finish models and photograph using lighting effects
  •          Scale-up outdoors to life size structures