Stalled Space: Landressy Street, Bridgeton (2013)


Inspiration: Vacant urban sites, various prototype folding pods & wedges, modular building
Space: Landressy St Stalled Space (vacant tarmac site), Bridgeton
Materials: prototype cardboard and plywood folding wedges, Twinplast triangles , various connectors, MDF bases, foldable Twinplast structures, sandbags, felt, material
Length of time: 2x Open day drop in



The stalled Spaces project is other part of our Ongoing Pavilion Research Project. One area of focus within our  research has been to examine different types of urban locations. This project focused on a Stalled Space (vacant site) at Landressy Street in Bridgeton.

We used all the dust form the site to make a seating area using sandbags, felt and material. We tested out various prototypes and construction ideas and how people interacted with these and the site.

Spending time onsite revealed the potential for ‘word of mouth’ to develop the momentum of a project; “everyone’s talking about it,” local resident. But also the need to spend time building relationships in residential areas or more unusual less public sites as opposed to a site (such as Glasgow Green) with high turnover of public and regular temporary events.

Alongside these experiments we hosted open days for local people to drop by and join in. 

The first Open day included a visit from a group of children and staff from Bridgeton Family Learning Centre, experimenting with prototypes and building techniques.

The second day was a mega-build day, trying to use modular building to make a large structure with a roof and archways using Twinplast triangles, connectors and portable MDF bases. The idea of using modular building is so that it can be built in different locations, but also so that people can build their own pavilion and It would be different every time.