Project in Progress

Stargazer is an ongoing project, to develop a nomadic and interactive stargazing sculpture. This installation becomes a lens that reflects between human movement and dance and the movements and spectacle of our universe. The sculpture moves between the visual, the performative and the practical, by providing camping shelter for a night under the stars.

The term Kindergarten (children’s garden) was coined by the German Pedagogue Frederich Froebel. Interestingly Froebel studied for two years under a crystallographer, which informed his belief that “a child’s development should proceed by learning to observe, reason and create through the sacred language of geometry”

The stargazer would be a different type of kindergarten a collective journey into the wild and up into the universe, for all ages. It will build upon the ideas of Tengo – a project for outskirts that played with the interactive relationship between dancer, sculpture and audience.